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Recognizing the pivotal role of training in achieving stringent industrial hygiene standards in food and beverage production plants; Sentratek offers specialized technical training courses as part of our dedicated Client Service and Partnering program.

Developed by industry and technical experts with global experience, our training materials are designed to foster skills transfer, enhancing our clients' capabilities in chemical, consumables, and process management.

We prioritize the optimization of chemical products, emphasizing their application, safety, and efficacy at the point of use.

Courses include:

  • Chemical Handling & Safety
  • Principles of Chemical Cleaning
  • Water Treatment – Potable Water Systems, Boilers, Cooling Towers & Condensers
  • Microbiology for Food Processors and Beverage Production Staff
  • Best Hygiene Practices in Various Food and Beverage Applications 
  • Application Training – CIP, OPC, Bottlewashing, Conveyor Lubrication, etc.